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  • VCD team T (F/M/fishingrodsmakeover – webshop:
  • Commenting on their Tumblr presentation is not possible. Please comment your peer reviews for this team here.

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    • Group M writes:
      April 2nd, 20159:26 amat
      Review by Group M

      Post 1 intro:
      Intro site: might have given an overview of a complete webpage instead of elements.
      Introduction is satisfactory

      Post 2 group photo:
      Nice in theme for the groups photo

      Post 3 movie:
      Clear explanation of the movie

      Post 4:
      Like the .gif

      Post 5 website analysis:
      Nice categorisation.
      Don’t ask all those questions if you’re not going to answer them.

      Post 6 sketches:
      Nice ideation/idea generation. Not 1 idea ‘pitbull style’.
      Very effective to test layouts without a lot of effort. However there is a lot of variation between
      the pages (visual style), like white vs. grey placeholders for images.

      Post 7 eyetracking
      Long post. Split it up in the distinct parts? It feels more like a scientific document than a blog
      post. Well balanced plea about the reliability of the results.
      In english it should be Delft University of Technology instead of TU Delft. Also, we all are
      Master students DFI at the ID E faculty (not at IO)

      Post 8 Importance of aspects :
      Why is this post after the EyeTracking
      analysis? You already used part of this data there.
      Also, it is unclear how and why you decided to put things on the axis: Shopping PayPal &
      Ideal logo are both not important as average important.
      There is no explanation about the images and how you get to them

      Post 9 Vision:
      It isn’t possible to redesign without some form of aesthetics so why is it less important? Being
      functional also brings a form of aesthetics with it.

      Post 10 inspiration:
      Quite a large variation in the inspiration. It remains unclear what elements you see as
      inspiration (colour use, layout, sizes, etc.) so it is more a slideshow without any relevance

      Post 11 Visual search test:
      If you state that five participants are not enough and you use only four elements to test the
      test seems irrelevant. It is impossible to draw any kind of conclusions with so few participants
      and the amount of test elements is too little. It would have taken just a couple more minutes to
      do it right so instead of stating in the obvious in the conclusion you could have done it.

      Post 12 Eyetracking
      Very nice visualization of the outcome of the test; immediately clear what is being looked at.
      In your conclusion on the iDeal logo you could have taken into account that Visual search and
      test different aspects; visual search tests whether people can find thing when
      they look for something specific(if place is logical and shape recognizable), with the eye
      tracker you can see which elements stand out.
      Try to keep order; it is confusing that there are two analyses on eye tracking

      Post 13 Change blindness test:
      Nice introduction. Seven participants is much better, although still not enough for quantitative
      research. Again Industrial Design Engineering
      Results are clear and argue the reliability
      Conclusion: OK, although last paragraph comes out of the blue

      Post 14 Set up redesign:
      Nice images.
      Not clear what is changed compared to old design; maybe it would have been nice to see
      old/new together.
      Also not clear why you made the changes you made.
      → Link the data you generated earlier on to the redesign

      Post 15 Start of aesthetics:
      The image is extremely small so it becomes almost impossible to check what’s on the site.
      Also, a few things you marked as important are missing on the redesign (not everything rated
      with a 4 or 5 is included in the website).
      Blue text on left menu seems difficult to read?

      All the best!!

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