VCD 2014-2015 team J
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  • VCD team J (Q/C/vcdteamj – webshop: zoo
  • Commenting on their presentation is not made possible. Please comment your peer reviews for this team here.

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    • Wanda Bloemers writes:
      March 27th, 201511:52 amat

      Feedback from group C to group J

      General comments
      Nice blog.
      It looks nice and it is pleasant to read. You use enough images, which also makes it more attractive. Also well structured. Maybe you could have added a bit more text to the analysis (to explain everything).

      Just a small comment on your planning: It is wise you made a planning, but if you blog it, make sure you can see the complete planning, not just the first part.

      The site diagram is not clear so clear, too much details for the size of the image. Although, it gives quite an impression of the complexity of the website. Is that what you want to communicate?

      The wireframe is a good idea. It makes the structure of the website clear and it is useful to know how you call the different elements. Well done.

      The image for the important of elements makes it quite clear which elements you think are most important. We think you also used an order of importance in the image itself or did you just divide the elements in high and low priority? Are there also elements that are unnecessary? It is interesting that you think rating and opinion are even more important as navigation. We doubt this, so we would have liked to be convinced about decisions like this by getting a bit more information why you think so.

      Wow… suddenly there is a lot of text. This is not a problem (even necessary) but it is a huge contrast compared with the analysis.
      Great that you made a video of the test, it makes the setting clear. However, it would have been nice to get some information about what is happening at that moment of the video, since only people who did the eyetracking experiment would understand it.

      The “how to use the conclusions” is quite useful and clear. However, showing the exact percentages is maybe not such a great idea. We experienced the eyetracker is not always that accurate, so especially for smaller elements it is possible people were actually looking to the element close to that element.

      Change blindness
      We think it is nice that you also looked at to the relation of the position and the HSB with the time. It is a pity you could not see clear differences, because it would have been interesting.

      Visual Search
      We think the search time is not only related with size or position, but also with contrast and the appearance of the elements around it (small elements next to large elements, or element is part of a navigation bar etc.). It would be nice if you would discuss that a bit more.

      Not present (yet), so good luck with that part.

    • yasemin writes:
      April 3rd, 20156:15 pmat

      Comments for Team J from Team Q,

      It is nice to have a clear explanation of the redesign goal and work plan but we could not find your names on the blog, you should add them!

      Visual Search:

      We liked that you started with introducing and explaining what a visual search test is, and what your target is in this research. However, after that information, we believe that the background of the research is too long and irrelevant, for readers of the blog, maybe you could have just added a link for further reading. Next to this, the results and the graph at the end looks too weak. It would be better to show data obtained from 10 participants in a more detailed way and discuss the interesting points. Our recommendation at this point is that instead of giving background information, you should give more explanation about the results and draw a conclusion.

      Change Blindness:

      There is a clear explanation of what you wanted the participants to look for and a long explanation of the test. Good to have a background information but still it is too long and you need to show the results and make a conclusion about your findings. You could also consider adding in your conclusion how you will use the information for your redesign process.

      Eye Tracking:

      It is nice that you put a video and a visual to explain the process clearly. However, we wanted
      to see how the results as visualized and how the eye tracking program gives you the data. In this way, it would be easier for readers to understand how you reach the findings that you mentioned. About the results of the eye tracking; some of the results do not give any good clues for the redesign. It might be better to leave those out, and elaborate more on how you interpreted the rest of the pictures and how you have drawn your conclusion.

      Analysis of the webshop

      We liked the wireframing and how you showed the order of importance in elements. However, the site diagram looks very complicated and hard to understand. We believe that it needs more explanation in text format. In this part it would also have been nice to see more explanations on what the problems are.

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