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  • VCD team i (P/B/visualcommunicationenthusiasts – webshop:
  • Commenting on their Tumblr presentation is not made possible. Please comment your peer reviews for this team here.

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    • Group P writes:
      March 31st, 201511:21 amat

      Functional analysis and tests
      I am not sure I understand the description of your visual structure. In the text you write “To the flowchart, screenshots are indicated with a number.” Where are these screenshots? Also you use the term “user action” is this the same as visual elements and where can I find your division “user actions” into 5 classes of importance?
      In the analysis you also use a flowchart to indicate possible screen user flows. Maybe you could state why this information is relevant and what you have used it for.
      I like that you are experimenting with the brand identity prism, but maybe you could explain a bit more about why you are using it and what you expect to gain from it.

      I can see you have updated the text to the visual search, which is really good; did you also perform some of the other tests (blinking test, eye tracking)?

      I was very confused about what the screenshots with the numbers in the grey circles was, because first I thought it was your blinking test, but now I understand it is a part of the analysis of the visual structure. Maybe you can use more headlines and explanatory text to let the readers know, which results you are presenting and also try to make the text on your blog consistent, because now you have written that you use a scale from 0 to 5, but in reality you use a scale from irrelevant to most relevant.

      It is good with the explanatory text about the different visual elements and we find you grading of the different elements valid. It seems like you are analyzing quite a lot of different pages on your website, maybe you should just stick to two, to keep it simple.

      Eye tracking tests
      There is nothing written about the eye-tracking test.

      Functional redesign
      I like your method of using paper prototyping to come up with a functional redesign. In this way you can easily change the layout and come up with many different alternatives.

      Aesthetic redesign
      There is nothing written about redesign activities

    • Group B writes:
      April 2nd, 201510:43 amat

      Concerning assignment 1 – Peer review group I

      First, your link isn’t working!!

      – How did they do their analysis. Do you understand their description of the visual structure of the website. Do you agree? Did your group do it differently?

      Try to maintain a kind of structure. The rating of the different classes belongs to the structure analysis because there you explain about the rating. Suddenly there comes a print screen about time measurement in between?? We think this must be placed at top of the blog becomes this subject becomes after analyzing the visual structure. Try to think about the importance of showing some elements. What do you want to achieve with the picture of the flowchart, because it’s small, what do the numbers mean? Try to explain otherwise it will be useless.

      – Do you agree with their grading of the different visual elements. It’s up to you to start a discussion if necessary.

      The scale you have used is from 0 to 5, with 5 most important. If you look at the screenshot, elements are numbered again but in a different order, this is really confusing! Because now it looks like number 5 is the most important while you have written under it: irrelevant. Furthermore the rating you have made is based on the visitor who wants to buy a Prada bag. Whereas we have made a more general distinction between the importance of a header, content and footer. Are there more than 2 different pages analyzed? Because of the many print screens? Or are the pages split? Furthermore the method of numbering all elements and give a short explanation works well. As well the short conclusion at the end of the rating.

      – Look at the results of their eye-tracking test. React on their analysis and conclusions. Again, start a discussion if necessary.

      There is nothing written about the eye-tracking test.

      – Do the same concerning their redesign activities (Aesthetics, Product and Future Interactions). Be critical, raise questions, start discussions and so on.

      There is nothing written about redesign activities.

    • Group B writes:
      April 2nd, 201511:25 amat

      Review 2 – 02/04/2015
      The structure is clear now.
      Nice to have an explanation and conclusion for each part.
      Unfortunately the eye-tracking test didn’t work out, you explain to get results out of other tests: Site hierarchy and what attracts the eye. But where can we find these results?
      Good to use a paper prototype, different parts can easily placed around. Are there different concepts or is this the final and only one? Give some explanation why you have chosen for this redesign.
      Good luck!
      Group B

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