VCD 2014-2015 team H
March 26th, 2015 by admin

  • VCD team H (O/A/vcdteamh – webshop:
  • Commenting on their Tumblr presentation is not made possible. Please comment your peer reviews for this team here.

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    • Roos Durieux writes:
      March 31st, 20151:59 pmat


      finally a peerreview based on what there was shown last week:
      I hereby give a basic impression and comments/questions. The comments/questions are meant as a suggetion that information that provides answer for these questions will enrich the blog and make the information more convenient.

      Hopefully you can use this!

      Good luck!

      Love, team aSock!

      Overall impresion:
      Very interesting blog, a lot of visualizations and very convenient since they actually visited the store.

      More detialled comments/questions about the different aspects seen from the buttom up to the top.

      Interesting basic structure, but interested in why they did that and what insights they gained from it.

      Interesting and clear how they removed the pictures to give a clear overview, but still not sure what information they gained from it, thus what & how they use this type of frameworking

      Why did they use a grading on scale 1 to 3 and not more extended to have a clearer deviation?
      Now it loses the overview a little ; what did they actually grade and how did they grade it and what is effect on what they are doing next?

      Explanation at the eyetracking or before eyetracking would be nice, what are they doing and how does that affect the rest of the project?
      Moreover the eye tracking ; how many participants (to make the test feel more convenient), how are the different results looking. Where are the graded elements? What is the conclusion of this part & how will it affect the rest of the project?
      Visual search; would be nice if they show which aspects they focus on and what the results are. Now it is just a nice story but it doesn’t give information to base a critical opinion about what they are doing. And again, it would be nice to have a conclusion and how it affects the rest of the project.

    • Group O writes:
      March 31st, 20152:06 pmat

      Hi group H!

      Please share this with your group members!

      We liked the site that you have chosen. You can improve a lot in order to make it more fluent. We found really interesting that you went to visit the physical shop to know more about it. Good pooooint!
      And we think that you start well in how you get data, but we think that you are stuck in this first phase.

      The analysis of eye-tracking is not totally clear, you should provide further information it. What the red spots mean? And the blue one?

      Neither the results about visual search, there are no headers or description in order to understand about what are you talking about. You should provide a more clear data visualization.

      A summary and a reflection about each step could be useful to scan and read the findings easily.

      You should show more your “rebuilding in progress”!!

      We hope this was useful! 🙂

      Have fun with it!

      On behalf of group O!

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