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    • Group M writes:
      April 2nd, 201512:56 pmat

      Visual structure
      The analysis that you did was comprehensive and having the screenshots available actually helps the readers to visualize where the mistakes are. Small suggestion: this screenshot could have been separated to help readers read your side notes legibly.

      Interface elements
      A nice structured ranking of the elements. However, we noticed that you tend to put higher ranks for elements located in header compared to those located in footer. We think an element in the footer (Quick Links) could be given a higher rank. Overall, we agree with how you rank the elements

      The tests: Change blindness, Visual search and Eye tracking
      We like how you describe the tests separately so readers can get a clear overview of each test. However, we have several remarks on each posts:
      Eye tracking: it is not clear to us the way you link your eye tracking results with the elements chosen in the comparison matrix (“Much attention” and “Little attention”). What are the criteria of these elements being chosen?
      Change blindness: why is the threshold 14 seconds? Is this the average time needed by all participants? A good reason for choosing the threshold will help readers understand.
      Eye tracking: why is the threshold for improvement > 4 seconds? Why not > 3 seconds? A good reason for choosing the threshold will help readers understand.

      The comparison matrix, however, is really helpful and serves as a gist of all these three tests and how they complement each other.
      Functional redesign and aesthetic redesign
      We see that you post the reasons and the methods behind conducting your redesign, which is very comprehensive and well-grounded. You could improve by explaining what wire frame is (“something that is helpful to get the initial idea of how the redesign of the webdesign might look like.”) and how it could help you do the functional redesign, with links to the functional requirements you posted earlier.,

      However, we cannot really visualize how it will look like in the end. A very important element is missing here: the screenshots of the functional redesign. We assume that you are still working on it so we are eagerly looking forward to look at your functional redesign and aesthetics redesign.

      Overall, the way you post your updates are really engaging. Some posts are really comprehensive and self-explanatory. We also like how you walked the extra mile by posting about Revital itself.

      All the best!

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